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September 24, 2011

My Great Challenge

Last Ramadhan, I visited Saudi Arabia for my second times for omra. I was so happy due to I was able to go there twice within six months. The leader prayer of haram mosque had inspired me. They are so amazing as they could memorize holy quran and their voice so beautiful and it touched my heart deeply. They are Abdurrahman As Sudays, Maher Al Maiqly, Abdullah Awad Al Jauhany, and Saud Suraim. When I was there, it was Ramadhan moment. We prayed Taraweeh every night and the style of pray was so different. The imam read the quran from Al Baqarah until the last surah An Nass. It was surprised me. Thus, the imam read the verses one by one without mistakes. Oh, I felt shy and sad to Allah swt. I awared and I was embarrassed why I couldn’t memorize it before. Something had whispered me and say, “Dani, before you die, you must memorize and use it into your daily life.” So we spent one month until Syawal finished. Since then, I decided to memorize completed holy quran. That was great moment for me and I was able to memorize 8 surahs, they were Al Adiyat, Asy Syams, Al Lail, Al Bayinnah, Ath Thoriq, Al Ghossiyah, Al Alaq, and Al Qoriah. I realized that holy quran was so important for us to guide us on the right path. It’s one of the biggest goals in my life. Currently, when I return to my country (Indonesia), I go on my destination to complete it. I set for 5 years and 6 month and 13 days. I hope I am able to complete it before my real target as soon as possible. Currently, I am still on last juz of the quran. It’s so tough for me to enter 29th juz. Hahahah. But I have read some books to get the tips and technique and I’ll do the suggestion of the book. Allah, help me!

June 04, 2011

Perbedaan Kalimat Verbal dan Kalimat Nominal

       Saya ingin sharing sedikit dari salah satu grammar yang cukup penting dalam bahasa inggris. Postingan kali ini cukup krusial karena banyak dari kita tidak memahaminya dan bahkan kita sering melakukan kesalahan tanpa kita sadari. Untuk itu saya akan sedikit memberikan penjelasan mengenai materi ini. 

       Well, ketika saya berkomunikasi bersama kerabat dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris, baik itu melalui sms, chating, facebookan, bahkan dalam speaking pun sering saya temukan bahwa sebagian dari mereka banyak yang tidak mengetahui kapan harus menggunakan kalimat nominal dan kalimat verbal. Atau dapat dikatakan mereka belum faham bagaimana cara membedakan antara kalimat nominal dan kalimat verbal. Maka postingan kali ini saya akan menulis tentang perbedaan dari kedua kalimat tersebut. Menurut predikatnya, kalimat dalam bahasa inggris dapat dibedakan menjadi 2, yaitu:

       Kalimat nominal

       Kalimat nominal adalah kalimat yang predikatnya bukan berupa kata kerja. Predikatnya dapat berupa kata benda (noun), kata sifat (adjective), dan kata keterangan (adverb). Kalimat ini tidak dapat dibantuk kedalam kalimat pasif.
Contohnya :

1.                  She was my teacher
2.                  My lecture is in Australia
3.                  They are disappointed
 My book is in my bag

Dapat kita perhatikan dari keempat contoh kalimat di atas bahwa tidak ada satupun yang mengekspresikan tindakan. Dalam bahasa inggris, predikat dari  kalimat nominal  menggunakan to be ( am, is, are, was, were). Kerancuan akan terjadi jika to be dikombinasikan dengan verb/kata kerja. Nah inilah yang sebagian orang awam tidak mengetahuinya. Mereka mengira bahwa to be selalu dipakai dalam kalimat. Padahal itu tidaklah benar.  Contohnya:

1.                I am sleep in the bedroom (saya ditiduri di kamar tidur)
2.               I am go to the school (saya dipergikan ke sekolah)
3.               I am want eating an apple (saya akan dimakan sebuah apel)
4.              They are buy a new book (mereka dibeli oleh sebuah buku baru)

Dalam grammar bahasa inggris, verb dan to be tidak boleh dikombinasikan menjadi satu kalimat. Kalaupun bisa, maka artinya akan bermakna pasif.

       Kalimat Verbal

       Kalimat verbal adalah kalimat yang predikatnya berupa kata kerja. Kalimat ini predikatnya mengekspresikan tindakan dan dapat dibentuk kedalam kalimat pasif. Contohnya

       She goes to school
       I went to Saudi Arabia
            They played football last week
            They study English today

Kesimpulan yang dapat diambil bahwa kalimat verbal predikatnya selalu menggunakan kata kerja (verb) , sedangkan kalimat nominal predikatnya selalu menggunakan selain kata kerja yaitu kata sifat (adjective), kata benda (noun), dan kata keterangan (adverb). Kalimat verbal tidak boleh dikombinasikan dengan to be. Tetapi verb dan to be dapat dikombinasikan jika ingin membentuk kalimat pasif.

Semoga postingan kali ini bermanfaat bagi yang membaca.

June 02, 2011

Great Happiness

   Today is the beginning of June and I almost forget that my dream is so close more and more. Yeah, it remains fifty nine days to go I’ll celebrate my great happiness. This year, I’ll visit Saudi Arabia for the second time in my life. I think I am one of the luckiest man in the world that I am able to go there twice within one year. 

   Honestly, I have no interest to go there. My dream city is London not Saudi Arabia. But Allah swt changes it all. Since last November when my father declared that he wanted to bring all his children to Saudi Arabia on last March, he has a plan to bring me on fasting month. I still don’t believe it. But he shows us that he can reach his ambition. As far as I know, many of our neighbors don’t know about it. Most of them guess that my father is ordinary elementary teacher in our village. You know to get much money is almost impossible. Currently, they know that my father is one of rich man in our village. They’ll shock when they know either my parents will go to for fourth time or I go to for second time as a young man. Many of my friend will get surprise also as I don’t tell it to most of them.